Create Your Brand by Crafting Content That You (and People) Love

Create your brand by putting to work effective ways to market yourself.

One of the proven ways to do that is to create a content strategy around material that delivers real benefits to your target audience.

And to establish engagement, you have to come up with more than just run-of-the-mill content. It’s one thing to be a proficient and prolific writer. It is quite another to be an inspired and passionate writer.

In the age of information overload, just about anyone in the business world who shockwants to write entrepreneurship articles can put their own spin on another Top 10 list or how-to guide. The result is often a coverage of topics that have been written to death and an audience that automatically tunes out whenever the same melody is played over and over.

So how do you make people notice in a sea of competition? How do you make your voice heard above the din of similar-sounding speeches?

Simple. You write from a place of passion.

Everyone is passionate about something.  Thus, when you write about things you authentically enjoy, you are less likely to regurgitate someone else’s thoughts. Similarly, you are also more likely to reach like-minded audiences, since enthusiasm is difficult to hide.

Enthusiasm will show in the tone of your (written) voice, in the breadth and depth of your coverage, and in your excitement to share your new discoveries. Enthusiasm propels you to go farther than those who are walking the same path.  Likewise, it infuses you with energy to dig deeper so that others may benefit from what you have found.

Readers are surprisingly proficient at picking up enthusiasm, or lack of it. If nothing else, build your brand on the back of your passion, because it’s going to take a lot of work. If you don’t enjoy the ride, who else will?