Creating a Marketing Plan: A Guide for Professional Services Firms

Once upon a time, creating a marketing plan for your professional services firm was relatively easy.

Which conferences were you going to attend? Which local events were you going to sponsor? How much discretionary networking budget were you going to allocate to each partner?

For the adventitious, you might try putting on an educational event or dabble in some advertising. Oh, and don’t forget to redo your firm brochure. It’s been two years since the last update.

Ah, the good old days. Gone but not forgotten.

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Creating a Marketing Plan is Getting Harder

Creating a marketing plan for a modern professional services firm is an entirely different matter.

How prospective clients go about understanding the challenges facing their organization is very different than even a few years ago.

With the rise of instant global communications, potential clients have a world of possibilities before them. No need to settle for the firm down the street just because they happen to be local. It’s just as easy to hire the leading specialist from Seattle or Singapore.

And clients’ expectations are changing. They expect free education and total transparency. And by the way, can we have more and pay less? After all, that is what they are being forced to provide. Why shouldn’t they expect the same from their professional services firm?

What’s a marketer to do?

Help is Here

To make the process a bit easier, we’ve created our Marketing Planning Guide for Professional Services Firms, available as a free download.

In this updated version of our popular planning guide, we have put special emphasis on addressing some of the key issues that firms are struggling with.

  • download-marketig-planning-guideHow do you find your firm’s differentiators?
  • What is the right balance of offline and online approaches?
  • How are agile approaches changing the process of creating and updating a marketing plan?
  • How do you align your plan with your firm’s long-term business objectives?
  • Where does research fit in and how should you do it?

The guide will help you figure out the answers for your specific situation in order to create a robust marketing plan for your professional services firm.

Some Favorite Features

There are a couple of features of this guide that I’m particularly excited about.

First, we have tried to add a lot of tips and shortcuts to address some of the more common dilemmas that firms often face. For example, who should be involved in creating the marketing plan?  How can you manage the content development process?

Second, we have added links to a host of resources to help you dig deeper into specific topics such as content marketing, online lead generation, search engine optimization, and developing high visibility experts within your firm.

Our Goal

Our goal is pretty simple. We want to make the entire process of developing your next marketing plan just a little bit easier. You can download the Marketing Planning Guide for Professional Services Firms here. Happy planning!

Download The Marketing Planning Guide

Additional Resources:

  • Learn how your firm can become more visible in the marketplace – download the Visible Firm Guide
  • Get a copy of our Online Marketing for Professional Services book to learn techniques that will generate more leads and increase awareness of your firm.
  • Join Hinge University and take the in-depth courses and read the step-by-step How-Tos to take your brand to a new level of sophistication and engagement.

How Hinge Can Help:

Creating a comprehensive marketing plan is key to success. Hinge has developed The Visible Firm® program to help you create a marketing strategy and more. It is the leading marketing program for delivering greater visibility, growth, and profits. This customized program will identify the most practical offline and online marketing tools your firm will need to gain new clients and reach new heights.


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