Salesforce adds more intelligence with Datorama purchase

Salesforce announced Monday that it has agreed to buy Datorama, which employs artificial intelligence to provide marketing intelligence and analytics.

Deal terms were not disclosed, but Reuters cites Israeli media reports that it was over $800 million. Although the company is headquartered in New York City, about half of its 400 employees are in Israel. Datorama’s 3,000+ clients include PepsiCo, Ticketmaster, Trivago, Unilever and Foursquare.

While there is no shortage of firms offering analytics and marketing intelligence, Datorama has emphasized it can present the advertising and marketing data from a variety of tools — the company says the average marketer has an average of 70 data streams — inside one cloud-based dashboard, where AI helps generate automated reporting, insights for decision-making and ways to optimize campaigns.

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