Swrve’s new platform enables ‘payload’ targeting and triggering

Swrve’s new platform enables ‘payload’ targeting and triggering

Marketing platform Swrve is out with version 3.0 of its platform, key new features of which are “payload” targeting and triggering.

The company says other campaign tools only address the “outer shell” of an event, such as a search for a flight on a particular travel company’s app. But Swrve says it can now allow a marketer — for the first time — to target in real time the “payload” details inside each event, such as the data that indicates that the traveler searched for flights for business class for one flier from New York to London with checked bags.

The Swrve platform is employed for a brand’s marketing to existing and logged-in customers, rather than for the acquisition of new ones, and the payload targeting/triggering is available for customers of apps that utilize the Swrve software development kit (SDK). The targeted segment can consist of identified or anonymized users, depending on the preferences of the app owner, or it could point to a single individual.

By payload, Swrve means granular data within an event that can be used to segment an audience, find an individual user or signal a message to fire. In other words, the company says, “the attributes of an event [can be used] as targeting criteria.”

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