Vivoom turns user-generated content into user-created ads

Individual clips from Maroon 5’s Vivoom-powered “Confessionals”

The biggest difference between today’s advertising and advertising in the days of “Mad Men” is the current importance of users who create and share content about your brand.

A user passing around imagery showing a product being used, particularly if it comes with that user’s implied endorsement of said product, has more value than truckloads of ad impressions.

Often, brands sift user-created content to curate the best photos of real people eating their hot dog or the best videos describing how much they love driving their Subaru. They might conduct a contest and display the dozen best hot dog photos or link to the best Subaru-appreciation video.

Since 2014, Boston-based Vivoom has been taking this a step further, offering a white-label platform so brands can automatically add user content like videos into a brand-created offering. And then the user can share that result, presenting a more completely packaged brand message.

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