When should marketers use AR and when VR?

Augmented reality (AR) adds visual overlays on the physical world and is usually viewed through a smartphone. Virtual reality (VR) depicts a self-contained, navigable 3D world and is usually experienced through a specialized motion-detecting headset.

Just as marketers have learned when a project should employ a website and when it should utilize an app, so they are beginning to understand when to choose AR or VR.

Philadelphia-based consumer engagement shop MVP Interactive has designed and built a variety of projects in each mode, as well as other kinds of marketing tech, so I asked CEO and founder James Giglio about his developing sense of when to use what.

In one project, for instance, MVP put Oculus VR headsets into football helmets so that four fans at a time could experience a 70-second point-of-view immersion into what a Washington Redskins football player experiences on game day, sponsored by Anheuser-Busch.

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