Maga Design

Maga Design

Scott Williams is the CEO and Founder of Maga Design. He and wife Rebecca also founded Topo Mixed Media, the parent company of Topo Virtual Services and associated entities, which are also structured around Maga's core concepts.

The parent company of TOPOVS is MAGA Design. The team at MAGA, led by CEO Scott Williams, are known as “Idea Architects.” A trusted advisor to some of the top companies and organizations in the world, MAGA is comprised of master builders and craftsmen who create meaning to make an impact. Through MAGA’s vast experience, our best practices were shaped. We bring lessons learned through their years of cumulative research, development, and execution to your project.

Dan Roan Academy

Dan Roam's Napkin Academy

Maga Design partners with the Dan Roam Academy to teach the principles behind what drives Maga’s success and the foundation upon which all Topo Mixed Media entities are based.

The Dan Roam Academy teaches how to, “Use pictures to clarify complexity, banish confusion, and defeat fear.” “Learn to solve any problem with a simple picture.” Use the systems Dan has created in his international best-selling books to discover how to… 1) Save time and money by visualizing your ideas so you can think faster; 2) Be more persuasive by sketching ideas that can be shared more clearly and sell more effectively; 3) See the invisible – learn to draw anything so you can see what everyone else is missing.

Seth Godin's "Tribes"

A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea. For millions of years, humans have been seeking out tribes, be they religious, ethnic, economic, political, or even musical (think of the Deadheads). It's our nature.

Now the Internet has eliminated the barriers of geography, cost, and time. All those blogs and social networking sites are helping existing tribes get bigger. But more important, they’re enabling countless new tribes to be born – groups of ten or ten thousand or ten million who care about their iPhones, or a political campaign, or a new way to fight global warming. And so the key question: Who is going to lead us?

The Web can do amazing things, but it can’t provide leadership. That still has to come from individuals – people just like you who have a passion about something. The explosion in tribes means that anyone who wants to make a difference now has the tools at her fingertips.

Komo2o Logo


Komo2o teaches business and organizational leaders - solopreneurs, micropreneurs, and even small to mid-size business professionals - how to grow and elevate their business.

“Work rules” aren’t taught in school but we must LEARN them to be successful. Don’t be the co-worker no one wants on their team and who’s disposable in lean times.

You must effectively ENGAGE with others for the greatest success in your business & career. The depth and value of your network is your net worth. Build your safety net.

Building & maximizing your network isn’t just engaging with others. It’s also ATTRACTING the right people, at the right time, with the right resources, to help propel you to the next level.

Maturing professionally includes being ready, willing, and able to DEVELOP others & giving back. Curiosity (exploring & learning) gives way to generosity – helping others win too.